Blind Tiger Society

Blind Tiger boasts a dance argot built from Artistic Director Bianca Cabrera’s insatiable desire for performance that is palpable, visceral, wild and relatable. Cabrera promotes a strong, queer, Latina vision that results in works that spark controversy, create complicated conversations and affirms the often perplexing human experience. Blind Tiger Society is discipline and virtuosity running the contemporary dance gamut from graceful to gruesome, from refined to homespun. Unadulterated physical vocabulary matched with unpredictable partnering creates an atmosphere of adventure and potency. Blind Tiger’s repertoire is emotive and sensual while it’s virtuosic physicality is relevant and timely. 

ladies who lick the air with their legs
— Irene Hsiao (SF Weekly)



 Musical Director -Ben Juodvalkis

Costumes - Annika Barnes, Krystal Harfert, Valerie Gleeson, Joanne Witzkowski

 Photographs - Danny Nguyen, Roel Q Seeber, Elena Zhukova


Heather Arnett, Ashley Brown, Tanya Celeste Chianese, Kristin Damrow, Kelli Galdes, Colleen Griffin, Krystal Harfert, Maggie Hurd, Roche Janken, Iren Kamyshev, Sarah Keeney, Pearl Marill, Mallory Markham, Jennifer Meek, Arielle Olson, Odessa Avianna Perez, Jennifer Perfilio, Jessica Perino, Erica Pinigis, Roel Q Seeber, Carmen Serber, Gina Shorten, Sidney Spiegel, Sam Stone, Jordan Stout, Emily Thompson, Alison Weeks, Becca Welna, Katie Wong, Ayana Yonesaka