Blind Tiger Society

Blind Tiger boasts a dance argot built from Artistic Director Bianca Cabrera’s insatiable desire for performance that is palpable, visceral, wild and relatable. Cabrera promotes a strong, queer, Latina vision that results in works that spark controversy, create complicated conversations and affirms the often perplexing human experience. Blind Tiger Society is discipline and virtuosity running the contemporary dance gamut from graceful to gruesome, from refined to homespun. Unadulterated physical vocabulary matched with unpredictable partnering creates an atmosphere of adventure and potency. Blind Tiger’s repertoire is emotive and sensual while it’s virtuosic physicality is relevant and timely. 

I left Bianca’s class feeling like I had shed a layer of technical pretense to spend the morning as a punk rock animal. Her take on the practice of dance is fluid and fierce.
— Damara Ganley (Bandaloop, Joe Good Performance Group, FogBeast)

With a teaching philosophy rooted in authorship, interpretation, and integration, Cabrera's classes illuminate and amplify the tenor of the body through expressive prowess. Her intentional physical practices aim to build multiple vantage points of virtuosity, encouraging risk taking and yea saying. With conventional class structures reimagined as a participatory think tank, students become powerful peers for one another while propelling technique forward through inquiry and investigation. 


November Hot Spot at ODC 
Adv/Pro Release Technique
M/W/F 10-11.30am November 7- November 21
*no class 23rd or 25th for Thanksgiving

Master Class at Velocity
Adv/Pro Release Technique
Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 9-10.30am

Professional level classes

technical practice for the adventurous dancer

This is a Radical and Reverent Technique class. Come ready to rock your world. Come ready to feel embodied. Come ready to sweat and feel the full potential of your strong body. Students will take up space like a tiger and move stealthily through a fierce, focused flow that wakes up awareness of innate kinnetic sensibilities. Attack and risk will nuzzle up to graceful extension and freedom in the joints. Floor work and inversions are emphasized and connected to sound vertical alignment. Nosh on fat, beefy phrases, fill up on fierce expressivity and chew on ideas about creating a larger context for the joy of being in the body. Class is strongly influenced by Yoga and Break Dancing and Release, Graham and Lewitsky techniques. 

intentional animal

This contact improvisation and partnering class focuses on creating astute, organized and supple bodies that playfully and resiliently relate to spatial, architectural, and human connections. Practic will include developing honing techniques, exploring patient yet pleasure-seeking response systems and learning tactics for staying pliant, available and resourceful. Experiments with instability and risk will balance explorations of power, generosity and availability. Strategies in tone, extension, expansion and rebound will be investigated as we go out on our limbs for delicious and decadent dancing. 

Looking out from the inside

Solo exploration is balanced with ensemble awareness as students practice sculpting their outside creator's eye inside a performative moment. In a laboratory atmosphere, students will experiment with grounded, spontaneous choice making tactics, isolating Time, Space, Vocabulary, Intention and Context to build spontaneous compositions. Imagination feeds the creation and honing of improvisational scores as students are given creative and destructive power to stake claim on the moment over and over again. 

all level classes

pop up star

An all-levels class for dancers and dance dreamers alike, this outrageous and reverential class channels the serious fun of Pop Culture's most iconic dances. Learn the basics and intricacies of the moves you have always admired from Madonna, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Pat Benatar, Justin Timberlake and more. Pull out your neon, your spandex, your red leather jackets and high tops and take your 15 minutes of fame in this cinematic dance experience. Feel supple, at ease and at home in your body as you transform into your favorite music video star. 

every body

Raise your hands and hold the torch for the body lovin' revolution that starts here. Forget about media stigmas, trends and body ideals. This class is for heart pounding, foot stomping, hair whipping and hip swinging. Fall in love with body rocking beats that root out confidence and pleasure. Tap into the deep desires to get down, get heavy and get sweaty. Introductory floor patterning, basic footwork, break dancing, body isolations and repetition create a platform for courage, coordination, interpretation, and strength. Classes are accessible for all levels, modifications and complications are always given. 

Ballet for bravehearts

This class focuses on anatomically sound technique and alignment driving us through a range of dynamic expression while working towards a strong, flexible and articulate body. Rhythm, musicality, and fluency in Ballet vocabulary are used to access the joy of dancing. All genres of music are accessed to combat exclusivity and encourage relevancy, expression, community and inspiration. For the beginning, returning, and brave. 

past teaching commissions

The Studios, WA

Bandaloop, CA

CounterPulse, CA

Oberlin Dance Collective (ODC), CA 

Shawl Anderson Dance Center, CA

Berkeley High School, CA 

LevyStudio, CA

Velocity Dance Center, WA

Seattle Festival Dance Improvisation (SFDI), WA

Cornish College of the Arts, WA

Colorado Dance Collective, CO 

HaLo, WA

University of Montana, MT

Western Washington University, WA 

Kenyon College, OH

Oberlin College, OH 

San Diego State University, CA

St. Olaf College, MN

Reed College, OR